What is an EdCamp?

On Saturday, April 22nd 2017, EdCamp@Bali 2017 will be hosted at Bali Island School, former Bali International School. The first edition of this ‘unconference’ event in 2015 was the first of its kind in Bali, and it is open to educators across the island, country - and beyond!

On this day, we will host a structured day of sessions that will be chosen by the participants. A great opportunity to come and share your voice, network with other people passionate about education, and learn.

At EdCamp, everyone’s voice is important. There are no formal presentations planned for the day, and we strive for equality among all participants so that all have opportunities to share, contribute, and learn together!

The focus is on learning from the ‘ideas’, strategies and knowledge of others.

At an EdCamp, there is no sage on the stage. This is purely about educators coming together to explore and share ideas. This is a great way to learn from others about strategies and ideas that may support other educators in the journey to better ourselves.

When you get to EdCamp, you will have the opportunity to write down your ideas on sticky notes of what you would love to learn more about, or what you would love to share.

The sticky notes will all be taken up and organized by facilitators onto the schedule in the Secondary School area at BIS.

From here, sessions will be organized throughout the classrooms on the ground floor. Each session is about discussion, sharing ideas, and asking questions about what you want to learn about. Some people may bring actual presentations, others may decide to start round-table discussions, activities, or something else altogether. Anything that gets us to learn from each other is good!

Active listening is a big part of this day too, with conversations to discuss ideas both practical and big! This is an inquiry driven, thoughtful, and empowering day, and we hope that educators in Bali and beyond will join us to co-create, share, collaborate, and take what you need to grow and improve!

Please share your ideas on Twitter to the hashtag #edcampbali. We hope to get a lot of great discussions and learning happening right on Twitter and this blog!

We look forward to seeing you there!

More about EdCamp

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